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Gymstick Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking has been used for more than 40 years by Finnish cross country skiers for their summer training programmes. They use their poles to train during long hiking expeditions, hill marches and training on the swamps.

In 1997 Nordic Walking was accepted as a nationally approved training method. Today, in Finland, there are more than 800,000 active

Nordic Walkers with over 8 million people internationally now enjoying the activity.

However, don’t confuse Nordic Walking with Rambling with a ski pole for support. The poles in various versions (telescopic, light-weight, etc) are used by many people who enjoy walking, rambling and hiking but are often used as a walking stick.  Nordic Walking uses the poles in a cross country skiing action which is completely different. The action involves movements of the arms, legs, pelvis and upper body. The arms and legs move in a rhythmic swing backwards and forwards – the result of which is recorded as a 20-25% increase in aerobic fitness (research based information, both in Finland and the USA). At the same time a significant improvement in tone and density of the muscles of upper body has been recorded as a direct consequence of the movement employed while walking with Nordic Poles. Where the aerobic increase has been recorded as a 20%, the muscle power increased by a massive 37% compared to just 14% experienced by those who were not using Nordic Poles. However, those people tested did not feel as though the intensity of the workout had been increased compared to walking without poles over the same distance and at the same speed.

Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking
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The poles have successfully been used to help people with walking difficulties including the elderly, sufferers of MS, ME and Parkinsons diseases as well as rehabilitation for the injured athlete due to the reduced overburdening on knees and joints. The poles of course also provide stability and confidence – even in poor weather conditions.

The really good news though is that those who walked at a steady pace experienced a greater increase in aerobic capacity and muscle tone than those who walked fast. The reason being, those who walked fast were less inclined to have time to push off efficiently with the poles and as a result the employment of the trunk and arm musculature will be less.

So, if you would like to give Gymstick Nordic Walking a try why not contact Martin who is an Internationally Registered Gymstick Nordic Walking Master Instructor. Courses are currently running on both an individual Personal Training basis and as group classes around the County and beyond. It is an ideal way to improve your fitness level, increase your muscle tone and range of movement, rehabilitate from injury and even make new friends.

Master Classes will also be held for instructors on request. So, if you are a Fitness Professional or you own a Gym and would like yourself or your staff to become a Gymstick Nordic Walking Instructor please contactmandarin fitnessfor more details.

Gymsticks and Gymstick Nordic Walking poles are available to buy direct from mandarin fitness.

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